Fluendo GStreamer

This trac houses plug-ins for GStreamer written by Fluendo both our Open Source plugins and our free ones. Please use the 'new ticket' entry to file bugs against the Fluendo plugins.

The current free ones are:

  • an MIT-licensed mp3 decoder
  • an MPL-licensed MPEG Transport Stream and Program Stream demuxer
  • an MPL-licensed MPEG Transport Stream muxer
  • an MPEG TS Timeshifter element
  • an MIT-licensed iLBC decoder / encoder
  • an MIT-licensed ADPCM decoder

Fluendo used to provide GStreamer elements for the Intel CE platform :

The SMD elements are now under Intel direct support, and Fluendo won't issue any release there.
To get more details about how to retrieve SMD last release and to get support on your project,
please contact your Intel Local contact.

You can find tarballs for releases of each of those components at  http://core.fluendo.com/gstreamer/src/

If you wish to build from the development branches, go to this page : HowToBuildFromSvn

Commercially licensed plugins:

  • MPEG2 Decoder
  • MPEG4 Part 2 Decoder
  • DivX3.11 Alpha ;-) Decoder
  • LPCM Decoder
  • WMA Decoder
  • WMV Decoder
  • ASF Demuxer
  • MMS Network Protocols
  • H.264 Decoder
  • AAC Decoder
  • (E)AC3 Decoder (Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus)
  • MMS Protocol plugin

You can also report issues about the following products :

  • Fluendo DVD player
  • Moovida Media player

Reports about plugins not working at all should come with a GST_DEBUG log, you create such a log by running this command 'GST_DEBUG=*:5 gst-inspect >gst-debug.log 2>&1'